Sierra Army Depot

Organic Industrial Base

Sierra Army Depot (SIAD)

• Herlong, California

Sierra Army Depot (SIAD) provides a unique readiness platform to the Army and joint force. SIAD performs a wide variety of long-term logistics and sustainment missions, ranging from equipment receipt and asset visibility to long-term care, storage and sustainment, to repair/reset of all Army fuel and water systems.

Designated as a Center for Industrial and Technical Excellence for all Petroleum and Water Systems, and Operational Project Stocks, the depot offers an enterprisewide competitive solution to logistics challenges and fills a critical void in materiel and equipment management nearing the end of its first life. These unique operations provide a readiness and operational value to the DOD through management and controlled redistribution of this equipment.

SIAD is highly experienced with equipment reset, new assembly/kitting operations, training operations, maintaining operational project stocks, and a redistribution mission for Class VII and Class IX items. It has established an end-of-first life cycle center for combat and non-combat vehicles. SIAD supports similar functions for Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) and Central Management Office (CMO) to receive, identify, classify, receipt/record clothing for multiple agencies such as the Program Execution Office, the CMO, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Air Force. The depot can process "excess" OCIE from these agencies and various clothing issue facilities (CIF) as well as returned items from Southwest Asia, including posts, camps and stations. These capabilities have enabled the depot to become a consolidation and distribution center for the CMO, supporting brigade level OCIE reset operations and the U.S. Army Reserve CIF. The depot also repairs defective Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert plates at a considerable cost savings to the Army.

• Equipment resets
• New assembly/knitting operations
• Training operations
• Maintain operational project stocks
• Repair of defective enhanced small arms protective insert plates
• Redistribution mission for Class VII and Class IX items
• End-of-first life cycle center for combat and non-combat vehicles
• Receive, identify, classify, receipt/record clothing for multiple agencies
• Process excess Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE)
• Outdoor storage space
• Indoor storage space- climate controlled
• Leasing of refrigerated containers
• Organic heavy lift capable airfield

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