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Support Applications

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TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications
Redirected AEPS Sites

The following applications listed on this page have migrated to other web sites. Please check this list prior to contacting the TULSA help desk to determine the status of your application.

Applications New web site Comments
ABS BattleWeb Program Also known as Field Support Command (FSC) Battleweb Program
AMC NSN search (myNSN)/Backorder Go to I2Log at to locate item manager analyst codes, NIINs, weapon system codes, and LINs.  *Requires AKO ID/password.
AMCOM LAR University at CCAD  
AMCOM WebDesk Applications  
Army Acquisition Objective (AAO)  
Contractor DEMIL Code Query http://www.logisticsinformationservice.dla... Information on WEBFLIS. Site points to WEBFlis Public Search Selection menu.
Defense Acquisition Deskbook  
Defense Logistics Information Service - Cataloging Workload Tracking (CWT) Inquiring Search Tracking (CWT) Inquiring Search On Defense Acquisition Portal. Use internal search engine.
Defense Supply Center Columbus Go to for more information on DLA services
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia Go to for more information on DLA services
DoD DeMIL Program  
DoD E-Mall  
Electronic Deficiency Reporting System (EDRS) ALL non-Aviation/Missile Warranty, EIR and PQDRs must be submitted through the Web Product Quality Deficiency Reporting (PQDR) site, including all CECOM managed (B16) items.  New accounts can be established at
  All AMCOM (Aviation and Missile) Deficiency Reports (DRs), (Warranty, EIR, and PQDRs) must be submitted through the Joint Deficiency Reporting System (JDRS) at Web Product Quality Deficiency Reporting System 
Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW) LIW Portal requires a CAC card to access site
Logistics Modernization Program Currently in LMP
Maintenance Expenditure List (MEL) Currently in LMP
Materiel Release Tracking System (MRTS) PM AcqBusiness Support
Modification Work Orders (MWO) Program (LIW Portal) On 11 June 2013, the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) became accessible via the LIW Portal. Current users of MMIS ( who DO NOT have an LIW account cannot access MMIS after 11 June 13.

MMIS users that DO NOT have an LIW account are encouraged to apply for LIW Basic access through the portal. MMIS accounts will not transfer to the LIW application of MMIS. All LIW users will have view-only access to MMIS automatically included with their LIW_Basic account.
MWO Tracking (LIW Portal)  
NAMI Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) NAMI SDR is used to amend, cancel, or view an SDR.  All Army SDRs are created via DoD WebSDR. Requires site registration.
National Maintenance Manager E-Desk Includes Maintenance Workload File (MWF). On LMP.
National Maintenance Repair Standards Includes Maintenance Workload File (MWF).  This application will not transfer when AEPS shuts down. On LMP.
NMP E Desk Maintenance Workload File (MWF) Migrated over to LMP. On LMP.
Non-Tactical Vehicles (NTV)  
Packaging Via WebDesk  
PEO Aviation  
PEO CS & CSS & PM Web Sites  
Production Charts (Below Depot) LMP Application
Sets Kits and Outfits PM Registration Required.
Supply Discrepancy Reports Registration Required.
Total Army Fielding System (TAFS) (was terminated 31 July 2013)
Program Executive Offices and Program Managers are no longer required to input fielding documents into the TAFS database. Army Regulation 700-142 and Department of the Army Pamphlet 700-142-1 have been modified to reflect this change.
US Army Suggestion Program (ASP) Program suspended 7 June 2013 due to current and future fiscal uncertainties
WARP Online

Requires registration to use web site. Contact WARP office with questions or problems:

Email: usarmy.RIA.usamc.mbx...

Comm: 309-782-5792

WebFLIS Public Query Inquiry Search  
WebLOG Redirects to LIW Portal; requires user registration
Workload Change Request Redirected to; Requires CAC Card to register and access site.