Anniston Army Depot

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Anniston Army Depot

• Anniston, Alabama

Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) provides industrial and technical support to America’s warfighters, and joint services for repair and overhaul of combat vehicles, artillery systems, bridge systems, small arms, secondary components, locomotives, rail equipment and non-tactical generators.

ANAD’s commitment to providing the best possible support to the warfighter extends well beyond its base location in Anniston, Alabama. The organization’s support and services are extended on-site to military units in other locations throughout the U.S. and beyond. The depot provides on-site support through various types of field missions. Located on more than 15,000 acres, ANAD has a building and plant replacement value of approximately $2.2 billion. With a $1 billion economic impact, the depot is a major economic engine for the region. To the north, the installation is bordered by Pelham Range, a 20,000-acre training range operated by the Alabama National Guard.

The most valuable resource existing at ANAD is the multi-skilled workforce. The infrastructure is capable of repeated 75-ton combat vehicle traffic and has heavy lift capability within key facilities. ANAD has a live firing range capable of firing weapons up to 155 mm. Capabilities include:
• Custom machining
• Combat vehicles (except Bradley)
• Overhaul/repair of all wheeled and tracked vehicles
• Artillery overhaul/repair
• Small arms overhaul/repair
• Bridging systems overhaul/repair
• Overhaul/repair of locomotives, rail equipment and non-tactical generators
• Worldwide support

Constructed in 1941 as the Anniston Ordnance Depot, ANAD’s mission has evolved over the decades, growing from a storage site, to storage and maintenance, to repair and overhaul operations starting in the 1980s.

Although the depot is a multi-mission installation, it is most frequently recognized for its heavy combat vehicle expertise. From the M48 tank of the 1950s, to the M1 series battle tank of today, the depot has rightfully earned its reputation as the “tank rebuild center of the world.” Unique to Anniston are its computer-aided manufacturing, manufacturing/fabrication, nichols industrial complex, powertrain flexible maintenance facility, powertrain transmission facility, small arms repair facility, towed Howitzer overhaul facility, turbine engine facility and upholstery shop.

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