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TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications
AEPS Applications in TULSA

The Army Electronic Product Support (AEPS) web site was decommissioned on 29 July 2011. Some of the applications originally hosted on AEPS have been migrated to the TACOM Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) web site. TULSA provides a host environment for a number of logistics applications originally hosted on AEPS but that were not subsumed by the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) or other applications.

Many applications migrated to other DoD logistics/acquisition systems while others have been discontinued due to the LMP deployment, lack of need or funding.

TULSA's web site is

- Former AEPS applications that have migrated to TULSA -

Application Comments
AMC DEMIL Code Management System (DCMS) Includes DEMIL Review and Challenge and DEMIL Refresher Course. This is a centralized Army system for processing DEMIL and Controlled Inventory Item Code (CIIC) changes. Provides management reports and reject reports Also has search instructions, recommend changes, retrieve Instruction Status, and allows item managers to edit/add instructions. Includes Army and Navy Instructions. Refresher Course is a training aid for the DEMIL Code Management System (DCMS) users. Supports a variety of DEMIL code assignments tasks that will increase the user's understanding of DEMIL code policy guidance contained in the DoD 4160.21-M-1 DEMIL Manual.
       DEMIL Refresher Course
       DEMIL Review & Challenge
Army Loans Tracking System (ALTS) Web-based workflow system for all Army major end items managed by AMC that are loaned or leased per AR 700-131. Used by all services and civilians. The Army Loan Tracking System (ALTS) is to provide loan/lease customers the ability to request Army materiel, as well as loan/lease extensions, through the web. Supports current OCO missions.
DA Form 2028 Online 2028 web form submittable by any TULSA user. Automates the submission and management process with the TACOM Pubs Office.
DoD DeMIL Code F Instructions This app allow searches of DEMIL code "F" instructions for all Military Services and DLA by NIIN and/or Keyword
Government Furnished Property (GFP) Provides tracking of property and materials owned by the government supplied to contractors for the completion of services rendered. Users are the contracting officer, item manager, and GFP manager community.
General Officer's Pistol Program (GOPP) The General Officer Management Office, Chief of Staff, United States Army, authorizes items for General Officers on active duty. For Reserve component General Officers of the Army, the Chief, National Guard Bureau, or the Chief, Army Reserve initiates these Under provisions of Title 10, USC Section 2574, Active duty General Officers and Colonel (P) can be issued a Model M9, 9mm General Officer's (G.O.) pistol on a loan basis. The pistols are procured exclusively for General Officers, and the serial numbers are prefixed with G.O. The loan of the pistol is valid until retirement from active duty, at which time the General Officer can purchase the weapon or return it. This application manages the program.
Gun Card Enables cannon and mortar firing data to be input by using unit via Internet, and controlled electronically using an automated Weapon Record Data Form (DA Form 2408-4). The 2408-4 is one form in the weapon system log-book and monitors limited tube life for replacement maintenance (tracks barrel wear). Users are maintenance supervisors down to the tube user. Supports current OCO missions.
Malfunction/Accident/Incident (MAIR) Report Application allows TACOM-LARS to input MAIRs. Application distributes MAIRs to Readiness which has Command level visibility.
New Equipment Training (NET) Web-based application in order to start, edit, close classes, view class information, critiques, surveys, and track student enrollment. Application is primarily internal to military; the administrators use it to create records for classes and allow units to track who has taken courses. External users include Picatinny, SOCOM, and units who have taken NET. Has a survey feature, plus database utilities to mine data.
Publications Provides a central processing and reporting location for all TACOM-developed publications. Application is part of Publications business process and is used to track review and printing actions. Used by LOGSA as well.
Safety Messages & Safety First Web Site The repository for TACOM-released Safety and Maintenance messages (SOUM).   The Safety First web site also has the capability to email Safety and Maintenance messages directly users based on their subscription interests.

For other MSC safety messages, please visit the following sites:

AMCOM Safety and Maintenance Messages (For Aviation and Missile Systems)

JM&L Safety of Use Messages (SOUMs for Ammunition)

Munitions History Program (MHP) will be used to disseminate Ammunition Information Notices (AIN) and Notice of Ammunition Reclassification (NAR) and other safety messages used primarily by Quality Assurance Specialists (Ammunition Surveillance)

CECOM Safety of Use Messages (SOUM).

Watercraft Safety Information Migrated to the Safety app in TULSA.