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TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications
Terminated AEPS Sites

The following applications listed on this page have been discontinued due to LMP deployment. Please check this list prior to contacting the TULSA help desk to determine the status of your application.

Applications Comments
AEPS Help Desk Becomes TULSA help desk
AEPS Utilities See comment below
AFSC/LSE Main Page Phased out
AMC Field Support Center  
AMC LAR Reporting

Use CREPS and US Army Single Interface to the Field (SIF) site at* Requires an AKO account to register and use the site.

Army Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) License Plate Program Moved to Federal Motor Vehicle Registration System (FMVRS) site at*Must apply for a separate user ID and password.
Backorder Information Lost feed to backorder information
BIC Interface to EDRS/PQDR Subsumed to PDREP
Chemical Defense Equipment (CDE)
Go to War

name was changed to US Army Individual Chemical Equipment Management Program.  Please email for CBRN IPE requests.

Commodity Data No search engine on TULSA for commodities
Communities of Practice (collaboration rooms/group pages) See comment below
Depot Stock Distribution As of 1 Oct 2010, AEPS will no longer support the Depot Stock application. Depot Stock functions will be available in LMP on 21 Oct 2010.
Disposal Forecasting Tool (D-MIL) Application discontinued per POC's request.
Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Replaced by WEBFLIS.  New site is
IMA Europe Excess Items Redistribution Turned off in 2010. Satisfied DPAS requirements. Created to automate the process of reviewing excess retrograde stock. Provides item managers with pertinent information to determine disposition, as well as, generate the desired transactions into CCSS per their instructions. A productivity tool.
IMA Europe Excess Items Redistribution (Retrograde) Same As Above
Individual Chemical Equipment Management Program (ICEMP) Please email for CBRN IPE requests
IPADS Software Updates POC will move application over to AKO.
Item Manager Lookup Go to I2Log at to locate item manager analyst codes, NIINs, weapon system codes, and LINs.  *Requires AKO ID/password.
LAP Locator Logistics Assistance Program Directorate has decided not to proceed with migration of LAR locator list from AEPS to SIF.  No further action will be required, and a funding source is no longer needed
Logistics Code Search See comment below
Logistics Web Sites (fomerly on AEPS)  
AMC and DoD Log Related Websites See comment below
DoD Web Links See comment below
Military Web Links See comment below
LSE/LAR Tool Box See comment below. Information currently available on this web page on AEPS will not transition over to TULSA. No replacement will be forthcoming.
LSE Locator Logistics Assistance Program Directorate has decided not to proceed with migration of LAR locator list from AEPS to SIF.  No further action will be required, and a funding source is no longer needed
LSE/SITREPs POCs Migrating to field support/SIGTRAKS Module; awaiting funding but none forthcoming or phased out
LSE Updates/Reports Phased out
M94 Muzzle Velocity System (MVS) Software Updates For procedures downloading software to the MVS, please refer to TM 9-1290-364-14&P, Chapter 4, beginning on Paragraph (Download Files Here)
Maintenance Training See comment below.
Functional Related Training  
Military Education Sites  
Safety Related Training  
Weapon System Related Training  
Newsletters (AMC Field Support Center) See comment below. Abrams FPRB Monthly Minutes, M9 ACE News 'N' Views, HEMTT HIP Times Newsletter, and FMTV PM Newsletter
POC Listings (AEPS) Phased out.
Paladin/FAASV Warranty Database Never Implemented On AEPS
Shipment Tracking Web Page Phased Out
Situation Reports (SITREPS)  
Supply/Maintenance Assessment Review Team (SMART)

The SMART Website is now at Please register with the site when accessing the site for the first time.

Tactical Toolbox See comment below
Transactions (On-Line Forms) Phased Out
Watercraft Safety Information Will be migrated to TULSA as part of the Safety First application.
AEPS online collaboration rooms and personalized MyAEPS pages (including all Group Home Pages currently residing on AEPS) will not be migrated over to TULSA due to lack of funding. No decision has been made to include collaboration rooms and personalized web pages in the future on TULSA, and TULSA does not plan to include these features in its web site. If you have any questions on these AEPS applications, you will need to find and contact the point-of-contact previously responsible for the information posted on the AEPS application (TULSA does not have any points of contact for terminated AEPS applications).